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Contact us and come in for a free dose of what CrossFit is.

At your appointment we will discuss how we define health and fitness and how you fit into our workout program.  If you decide it’s for you then we’ll get you signed up for the our Foundations Class.

Light The Fire CrossFit Foundations class will prepare you to reach your highest possible level of fitness.  Our primary goal in these classes is to introduce you to the basic movements of CrossFit.  We will start off with simple exercises and light weights with the goal of teaching you how to lift safely and efficiently.  Each class will end with a CrossFit workout scaled to your ability.  After completing the Foundations course you will know everything you need to jump into our CrossFit group workouts and the LTF community.

To schedule your free intro session- stop in, call 734-639-2194 or email us at

If you like your first session, and would like to join, you must complete our foundations class before you may attend normal classes.  Once you graduate from foundations, you are now ready to join the greatest community, the CrossFit Community.