Month: October 2016

Food Friday – Homemade Chicken Stock

Coach Patti here! This week on Food Friday, I’m going to give you guys a recipe that we use for EVERYTHING. Homemade Chicken Stock. Every two weeks we make a batch and it is seriously easy and delicious. There are

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Introducing the Ring Dip

One of the reasons we wanted to start this blog, was to have a way to share new skills or movements with you, before you were exposed to them in the gym. Our goal is to help give you some

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Food Friday – Coconut Flour Biscuits

Hey guys, I wanted to share a recipe that I make weekly – coconut flour biscuits. I eat one of this biscuits almost every morning with a hard-boiled egg for breakfast before hitting the gym, I get my protein and

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Active Recovery vs Rest

We know we’re not supposed to work out every day, it’s not good for our bodies. Taking appropriate rest days is just as important as getting in the gym. If you’ve been around CrossFit or other types of fitness long

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Food Friday – Sirloin Dijon

Hi y’all, Coach Patti here! This week on “Food Friday” I’m introducing a fan favorite at the Zulewski household – Sirloin Dijon. This recipe comes from the cookbook “Everyday Paleo” by Sarah Fragoso. This recipe cooks sirloin and kale together

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Food Friday – Paleo Spaghetti Pie

Welcome to the first post of our weekly edition of “Food Friday”! We’ll be posting one clean eating or Paleo recipe each week to help inspire you to eat clean and be healthy! I first came across this recipe about

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